Dell becomes my favorite corporation

As I noted, I cracked the LCD screen on my Dell Inspiron 9400 Saturday morning. I spoke with technical support (waiting on hold for no more than a minute or two) which, in turn, connected me with parts. I placed the order at around 10 a.m. Saturday, figuring my laptop was toast for my upcoming trip to Readercon.

The replacement screen showed up in my office from Houston via DHL Express before 10:30 a.m. today. Our IT guy installed it over the noon hour and the laptop is fully functional again. Moreover, the closest I found to Dell’s price for the screen was nearly $100 more — and Dell did not charge me for shipping, only South Dakota sales tax.

Guess what company I’m going to for future Windows-based computers?

Customers are voting with their dollars and their feet today.

Michael Dell, August 2000

3 comments to Dell becomes my favorite corporation

  • Hi Prairie Progressive

    Wow. Thanks for the positive feedback and glad we lived up to the kind of service we aspire to deliver all the time. Appreciate your feedback and wanted to say thanks.

    If you get a chance, hope you will share any ideas for future products services etc at Dell’s Ideastorm.

    Again, thanks for the feedback and looking forward to continuing to earn a place as your favorite company

  • Erick

    Yup… Hearing lots of good things about Dell lately. One thing to remember though, is that they now offer Ubuntu and FreeDOS as well.

    Still, I’m left to wonder whether this was under a regular warranty or their CompleteCare for accidents and whether you made the purchase through Small Business or Home/Home office?

  • Tim

    Regarding Erick’s questions, I did not have CompleteCare and it was not covered by warranty. Because it is my work computer, though, I did buy it through Small Business and I have wondered if that impacted the shipping time.