The wacko reading interests surface again

I know I’ve posted on this before, but over the last couple days I once again began to wonder just how bizarre my reading habits might be. What brought this on is the last several books I’ve read.

In the last five books, I’ve gone from a Hugo-nominated SF novel (Eifelheim) to The End of America, which warns about a “fascist shift” in America, to a biography/study of John Coltrane to a book about convent life in renaissance Venice to Goon, the story of a guy who plays some minor league hockey solely as an “enforcer.”

It’s really the latter two that kind of got to me. Who jumps from reading about convents (which completed my Armchair Traveler challenge) to reading about hockey goons? As I look, though, I think the order may tend to reveal my range of interests — SF, current events, music, history and hockey. So, I ask once again, does my reading history make me “well-rounded” or weird?

I guess it doesn’t matter since it probably won’t change much. I had to pick up the new Eric Clapton autobiography since it just came out and I think a book on life in Stalinist Russia will follow.

Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere.

Chicago Tribune columnist Mary Schmich

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