Google helps defeat the server gremlins

I was just more than a bit shocked today when I went to add something to a forthcoming post and discovered any post from Nov. 27 through Dec. 1 had vanished from the site. Even restoring my weekly backup did not solve the problem. Something plainly hiccuped over the weekend, apparently on my web site server since plug-ins I uploaded and updated on Saturday did not appear on the server when I investigated the disappearance of the posts.

So how does Google fit in? Fortunately, it took a snapshot of and cached my site within half an hour of my post on Saturday, Dec. 1. Thus, I was able to get copies of the missing posts and add them back in. This may not necessarily be within Google’s “do no harm” motto, but undoubtedly Google did me some good. While I’d still like to know why the week’s worth of posts went AWOL, that issue is far less pressing now that they’ve been found and reposted. This may, of course, lead me to move from relying only on regular automated back-ups to additional manual ones, plus one or two instances of manual site map generation each week.

Ride along computer cowboy
To the city just in time
To bring another system down

“Computer Cowboy (AKA Syscrusher),” Neil Young, Trans

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