Saying goodbye to the girls of summer

From a psychological and emotional standpoint, summer is at a close. My oldest daughter left this morning on her 500-mile move to graduate school in Missouri. My youngest daughter starts her last year of high school Monday. And middle daughter leaves Wednesday for her second year of college in Nebraska (although at a different campus in the UN system).

There’s an entirely different atmosphere around our house when the three girls are together. Not only is there more activity, there seems to be more joy and just plain fun. It’s amazing how well they get along and how much they enjoy each other’s company — although it can be wearing for my wife and me to be outnumbered. While I’m undoubtedly biased, I truly enjoy spending time with them because they’re witty (sometimes bitingly so), insightful, creative and have a refreshing willingness to just be goofy when they feel like it.

Their presence made the summer fly by. And it’s certainly possible this will be the last one with all three home for the duration. So while the calendar and weather still say summer, what made this one exceptional is ending.

In the spring, protective arms surrounding you
In the fall, we let you go your way
Happiness I know will always find you
And when it does, I hope that it will stay

“Here For You,” Neil Young, Prairie Wind

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