9/11: Truth, Lies or Conspiracy?

When I did a post on the mindset surrounding Amendment E, I pointed to a number of people who are supporters of what has become known as the 9/11 Truth Movement. From that flowed a variety of comments and e-mails, ranging from the attacking to those who said I was being willfully ignorant. They might […]

Book Review: Terror Nation (2006)

Everyone at some time must respond to their conscience. When Charlie Johnson’s inner voice leads him in new directions in Mike Palecek’s Terror Nation, Charlie finds himself truly a prisoner of conscience in middle America.

Charlie is retired after spending 35 years as a sportswriter and sports editor in Saint Smith, Iowa. He is a […]

Predicting the 9/11 “conspiracy”

Over the weekend, I finally began watching The Lone Gunmen series on DVD. This was a short-lived spin-off of The X-Files that aired on Fox in 2001. It was a tongue-in-cheek show about three conspiracy geeks that parodied everything from the Mission Impossible film to James Bond flicks. I had forgotten, though, one of the […]

Book Review: Perfect Soldiers (2005)

Some journalism doesn’t fit the inherent constraints of newspapers or magazines. The scope of the subject is too wide and the work takes more than what these formats tend to demand in immediacy. Perfect Soldiers is an example of this.

The book is LA Times national correspondent Terry McDermott’s look at the 9/11 hijackers. Subtitled, […]

Farenheit 9-11

I just came from seeing this film and YOU MUST SEE IT.

Sure, me seeing the movie is like the converted listening to another sermon. And there’s no doubt it is one-sided and slanted. Even I thought of responses to some of the statements Michael Moore makes. Yet the last 30 or so minutes […]

What if?

I’ve previously ruminated about “what if” Bush had taken a different approach after 9-11 instead of squandering the opportunities it presented. Farai Chideya makes an excellent point on AlterNet:

Progressives/left/liberals/you-name-it must move beyond the politics of opposition, where what’s bad for America is good for the President’s foes. We cannot rely on America’s fortunes continuing […]