Public Service Announcement

While I tend to avoid these types of things, with the election just two weeks away I am going to break from tradition and post what the media would call a PSA.

The South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families, the group heading up the effort to overturn South Dakota’s abortion ban, is planning a “Stand […]

Stepping into the abortion ban debate

With the election almost upon us and the dust up over campaign ads continuing, it’s time to stick my nose into yet another ballot issue.

Supporters of the abortion law referred for a public vote (Referred Law 6) are being called to task because recent television ads said the ban contains an exception for the […]

Abortion task force chairwoman speaks out

Via Coat Hangers at Dawn, I see one of the “pro-life” members of South Dakota’s Abortion Task Force is speaking out about what happened in the preparation of the Task Force’s report. (PDF file). You may recall that “pro-choice” members were so offended by it they walked out of the final meeting and submitted a […]

Those voting records just don’t go away

Plenty of state legislators have sought cover for the rejection of a rape and incest exception in the new abortion ban by pointing out the bill includes a provision allowing for use of so-called emergency contraceptives if administered prior to the time pregnancy could be determined. Yet their voting records indicate this is pretty weak […]

Abortion and J.A.I.L.

Somebody mentioned that there seems to be a number of political oriented posts appearing here lately despite my earlier vow to move this blog away from politics and toward things that actually add meaning to life. Perhaps it is rationalization but I don’t necessarily view the recent increase as inconsistent.

Why? Because as the father […]

Pondering the abortion ban

Something that always bothers me about the abortion debate is the tendency to cast it in black and white terms. Proponents of South Dakota’s new abortion law seem to think abortion is used only for birth control. Opponents tend to focus on rape and incest and the desirability of letting the woman choose whether to […]