Local notes

Unlike the building that needed to go down for the events center that was eventually to be its partner, the proposed rec center for Sioux Falls was decimated Tuesday. Voters rejected it about 2-to-1 in a voter turnout of about 23 percent. Seems like quite a slap in the face to city government, the […]

Naming rights

It appears the naming rights wars have begun locally. First, Sioux Valley Hospital announced it was going to pay $3.2 million over 20 years for a “corporate sponsorship” of the new athletic field being built by the University of Sioux Falls. (Being a Baptist school, USF refers to the stadium as a “faith-based athletic complex.”) […]

State and local political notes

It appears the JAILers have presented enough signatures to get their measure on the 2006 ballot. South Dakota War College guesstimates the paid signature collection effort cost about $75,000. Even if it’s half or one-quater of that, it still begs the question of from where or whom the money is coming. No earthquake or other […]

More trouble for events center?

I’ve noted before that the projected cost of the proposed events center could mean it will never be a reality. I think the uproar over the mayor breaking city rules (a/k/a/ the law) and overspending to complete the Phillips-to-the-Falls project ahead of schedule means even more trouble for the events center.

First, it reinforces public […]

Events/rec center follow-up

Today’s Argus articles indicate I’m not alone in thinking the cost and location of the proposed events center are a deadly combination. Proponents will have an interesting choice deciding whether to bundle it with the rec center if and when a public vote occurs.

As an aside, I’m curious how Pepsi and US Bank manage […]