So where was the media before?

The media is in a frenzy over the latest “-gate,” Plamegate. As Mother Jones points out, one of the better questions is why it took so long for anyone to pay attention. It surely relates to the underlying issue of why the so-called liberal media gives Bush such a free ride so often. Of course, […]

Time for the important stuff

Time to set aside political stuff for important things. USHL hockey starts today. Who cares about the NHL? This and college hockey, particularly NCAA Division I play, involve guys playing because of the game, not money. Locally, there’s a whole new look. Keep up with the fans (and alumni) this season at the Thundering Herd […]

No WMD raises additional concerns

There’s little doubt the Bushies hyped the weapons of mass destruction. Now the Kay Report likely will show it was all smoke and mirrors. I agree with the StarTribune that we can’t let them “weasel out of this one.” It’s just part of their pattern.

It also shows a drastic intelligence failure or shortcoming. As […]

Tell me it ain’t so

Surprise, surprise! Ashcroft has been misleading the public about the Patriot Act. The ACLU has an excellent site on the Patriot Act and Patriot II.

Maybe I’m not so alone

For the second time this week, the StarTribune runs a no holds barred editorial on the Bush Administration. (Free registration may be required). The conclusion:

Defenders of the administration want to label those who have doubts about the truthfulness of the White House as “liberals” or “anti-American” or “unpatriotic.” Those labels are just so much […]