Maybe I’m not so alone

For the second time this week, the StarTribune runs a no holds barred editorial on the Bush Administration. (Free registration may be required). The conclusion:

Defenders of the administration want to label those who have doubts about the truthfulness of the White House as “liberals” or “anti-American” or “unpatriotic.” Those labels are just so much name-calling. There’s nothing liberal or conservative, unpatriotic or anti-American about being upset that those who hold the highest offices in the land somehow find it impossible to level with the American people on such serious matters as national security and foreign policy.

If lies about private, consensual, albeit adulterous, sex can bring the impeachment of a president, it’s not remotely wrong to raise questions about misstatements on issues that go to the very survival of this nation.

It’s refreshing to a neighbor tell it like it is.

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