It’s about time, Tom

Let me preface this by saying I am a big fan of Tom Daschle. Not only is he my U.S. Senator, he is the most honest and sincere politician I have ever met. (I have met plenty and found very few to be sincere and even fewer to be honest).

That said, it’s about time […]

Black is White, Day is Night

Glad to see everybody jumping on Dubya’s idiotic comment that the deaths of more than 30 people in one day is a sign of progress in Iraq and vindicates our approach there. Billmon and Crooked Timber note the Orwellian/Alice in Wonderland nature of this comment. Talking Points Memo points out the “sublime understatement” in the […]

The poets of my generation

Recent travel has not only kept me from the puter for blogging, but to see what’s going on in the world other than the slim slice I get in the local paper. Still, a recent trip back and forth across the state made me once again realize the importance of certain artists to me. While […]

Proving the point

Part of the recent PR blitz by the White House has been to justify the “Bush Doctrine” of preemptive action. Condi Rice talked about it in foreign policy speech in Chicago. It was a theme of Cheney’s speech to the Heritage Foundation. Ken Adelman, a member of the Defense Policy Board, took to NPR to […]

I see, the devil made ’em do it

I sure feel better knowing one of the leaders of the effort to locate bin Laden and Saddam believes “the enemy is a guy called Satan”, they’re out to get us “because we’re a Christian nation,” and Bush being in the White House is one of God’s miracles. (Via billmon).

And we wonder why the […]