Inertia strikes

It has led to a lack of blogging without good reason or excuse. So, let’s just start with a couple recent items that relate to this lurking feeling that we’ve become characters in a science fiction novel.

Revisionism. Josh Marshall, gives us another indication that if what Bush said may cause problems, he simply goes back and tries to change the past. There is full employment for the Winstons in this 1984 administration.

Only what we want you to know. Of course, you can avoid having to edit the history books if you control what goes in them to begin with. Whether it’s the wounded in Iraq or the 600 people who went to Asia with Bush, the administration’s approach is simple. You don’t need to know.

Secret courts. The Volokh Conspiracy helps bring to light something that leaves me dumbfounded. A Middle Eastern male filed a petition for writ of habeas corpus challenging his detention after 9-11. Not only did the lower courts seal all the court filings and the docket itself, the public version of the petition for writ of certiorari filed with the US Supreme Court even redacts the names of the courts in which the habeas petition was filed. Eugene Volokh also notes an excellent discussion by Michael Froomkin.

The Sun. May as well make this a bad scifi novel while we’re at it. Let’s add to the plot so that we can blame these idiots for pissing off the Sun.

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