What if?

I’ve previously ruminated about “what if” Bush had taken a different approach after 9-11 instead of squandering the opportunities it presented. Farai Chideya makes an excellent point on AlterNet:

Progressives/left/liberals/you-name-it must move beyond the politics of opposition, where what’s bad for America is good for the President’s foes. We cannot rely on America’s fortunes continuing to tank – the up-tick in the economy proves that. There has to be a way to encourage and enjoy any improvement in America’s fortunes while still building a base for change.

What if? That simple statement is one of the most powerful in the human imagination and in politics as well. If the left and America are to do well simultaneously, we must “what if” our way into a new vision of progress.

Too many blogs, including the DNC’s and even this one, are happy to jump on and exploit the flaws of and problems caused by Bush and the neocons. The truth of the matter is that while attacking Bush helps (and makes us feel better), it alone is not a solution. This is really an echo of RFK’s, “There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not.” Many of us of that era still wonder “what if” RFK had not been assassinated. We need to keep thinking or dreaming “what if” to truly remain progressive.

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