Odds and ends

  • Here’s an excellent profile of “Democracy Now!” host Amy Goodman. (Via Sick of Bush). The profile correctly notes the shows are of “varying quality.” But, as SOB says, Democracy Now! is addictive. Since, of course, I can’t get it around here, I listen to a streaming version or download it every day to get my fix.
  • The 2004 Jefferson Muzzles have been announced. (Via TalkLeft). The muzzles are intended for “calling attention to those who in the past year forgot or disregarded [Thomas] Jefferson’s admonition that freedom of speech ‘cannot be limited without being lost.'” I speculate that the Bush years have brought us more and more candidates for the award.
  • Also announced recently are the 2004 Hugo Award nominees. I’ve read two of the five Best Novel nominees and a third sits in the growing “To Read” pile at home. I’m more pleased that two episodes of Firefly were nominated for best short form dramatic presentation. While I’m not one of the really diehard fans, Firefly stood head and shoulders above anything else in the fall 2002 TV season and deserved far better than the three month run it got. Months after its release, the DVD of the series remains among the top 100 in sales at Amazon and is highly recommended. For us addicts, there is a movie coming next year.
  • Stephanie Herseth gets a nice plug as a “a new populist on the block” in The Nation weblogs.

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