Press conference items

Daily Kos says it all: “The transcripts are just coming out, and there will be plenty to pull from George W. Bush’s press conference to show that he’s ignorant, clueless and an embarrassment to our country.”

Josh Marshall summarized my thoughts in somewhat less contentious terms:

Perhaps my opinions of the man and his record are too set in stone for me to provide an objective take. But, even setting aside the awkward moments where the president couldn’t think of any mistake he’d ever made on foreign policy since 9/11, what I saw was a man with a quiver of cliches and a few simple stock arguments. Whatever the question, he grabbed a handful of those and tossed them back.

A fairly accurate Reader’s Digest version of the press conference appears at The Gadflyer. And as for claims that comparing Iraq to Vietnam undermines our troops, read an analysis (as opposed to assertions) at the History News Network.

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