Drought prediction

President Bush’s failure to deliver sufficient drought aid to South Dakota was considered a key factor in John Thune’s 2002 loss to Sen. Tim Johnson.  News that South Dakota was left out of a federal drought relief program will likely rekindle the issue in the Thune-Daschle race.
I find interesting Thune’s comment that “I assume we will qualify for the next round.”  I will be the first to admit I know nothing about federal drought relief programs. Still, I predict that if there is any discretionary authority in these programs, we will see Bush or a crony in South Dakota between now and Election Day announcing significant drought relief and giving Thune credit for it.

1 comment to Drought prediction

  • “I assume we will qualify for the next round.”

    Wow. If that’s not strong, proactive leadership, I don’t know what is! Daschle’s staff aren’t doing their jobs if this quote doesn’t find its way into a television ad in the near future.