Thune ad misleading

Perhaps you’ve seen the new ad for John Thune. Something about him being an “independent” voice willing to go his own way, all but coming out and saying Daschle only toes the party line. Too bad the facts show the insinuation is wrong.

Independent analysis of Thune’s votes show that during his six years in Congress he voted with the majority of the GOP an average of 93.58 percent of the time. During that same time period, Daschle voted with the majority of the Democrats 93.53 percent of the time. Thus, there is virtually no difference between the two when it comes to being “independent.” Moreover, as Daschle was in a leadership role throughout that time, his willingness to be an independent voice for South Dakota probably says more.

Looks like Thune and crew are reading from the Bush misleadership playbook.

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