Thune and immigration reform

I try to stay away from the political but this issue deals as much with the practice of law. Sen. John Thune is getting front page headlines for the defeat of comprehensive immigration reform in the Senate. While I, too, thought the bill was, at best, a horrible band aid approach falling far short of […]

Thune: Constitution? What Constitution?

So what does John Thune say about Bush authorizing domestic spying? “I will not fault them for exercising the steps they thought necessary to protect the American people.” Apparently, the question of whether those steps tread on federal law or the Constitution is irrelevant.

By the way, Thune’s rationale also works quite well to justify […]

Alito and John Thune’s America

Less than a week after the extreme right slapped him in the face, Bush has apparently done penance at their altar by nominating Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court. I’m going to wait for more details but note that one conservative told NPR he was a “grand slam” for the right wing and at least […]

Today’s Sunday School lesson: Sen. Thune Meet the Ninth Commandment

One would assume that John Thune, our evangelical Christian U.S. Senator, knows the 9th Commandment says, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” Some of us infidels take that to mean you shouldn’t tell untruths about others. I guess we weren’t taught about the footnote saying it doesn’t apply in the context of […]

Off limits

Much of the area liberal blogosphere is fascinated with John Thune and the bankruptcy of Dan Nelson Automotive. Stories have also appeared in both the print and broadcast media. Some have asked why it isn’t being discussed here. Simple. My law firm is involved in the bankruptcy proceedings. Although I have no personal involvement in […]