In a sidebar to a short interview with Senate Minority Leader Henry Reid, the new Rolling Stone also has brief paragraphs on several “radical Republicans” in the Senate. Our new senator from South Dakota is included in the list of “right-wing extremists”. Too bad RS called him “Jim” Thune.

It is [a politician’s] business to […]

Strange bedfellows, part 2

One of the ironies in the Gannon/Guckert hubbub and the growing connections with the Thune campaign and the anti-Daschle forces is Thune’s role as a leader in anti-gay legislation.

Part up the uproar about “Gannon” involves claims he had links to a gay escort service. You may recall that shortly before the election Thune […]

“Gannon,” Thune and Thune’s paid bloggers

A friend points out the Jeff Gannon/James Guckert uproar may hit pretty close to home. Joe Conason has this at Salon and there’s also info here and here on “Gannon’s” connections with Thune and Thune’s paid bloggers. Maybe those bloggers were even more slimy than we thought.

Taking a stand

Compliments to Sen. Tim Johnson for voting against Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General. Of course, Sen. John “Independent Voice” Thune voted in favor of Gonzales. Yes, it sends a wonderful message when the nation’s new chief law enforcement officer helped create the concept of “enemy combatants” with no due process rights, said we could ignore […]

John Thune’s independent voice

From today’s Argus Leader: “Republican Sen. John Thune praised Bush’s State of the Union address without reservation[.]”