Strange bedfellows, part 2

One of the ironies in the Gannon/Guckert hubbub and the growing connections with the Thune campaign and the anti-Daschle forces is Thune’s role as a leader in anti-gay legislation.

Part up the uproar about “Gannon” involves claims he had links to a gay escort service. You may recall that shortly before the election Thune ran full-page ads reprinting a January 2003 article that basically said Tom Daschle didn’t run for president because he couldn’t survive scrutiny of his wife’s lobbying. The author of that article “has been proudly out of the closet as a gay man since 1973, and has written extensively about gay political issues.”

It seems sadly typical of the religious right’s sexual hypocrisy. While they think personal sexual preference justifies regulating a person’s private life, it is invisible if the person can be used for political advantage.

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