Taking advantage of a second chance

Tim Johnson’s return to the U.S. Senate gave him a chance to perhaps undo what I consider one of his worst votes. He took advantage of that chance, at least on the surface.

In 2006, Johnson voted for the Military Commissions Act (and Rep. Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin was one of only 32 House Democrats to vote […]

Get over it

This was initially simply an item amidst some forthcoming marginalia but the more I read, the more exasperated and offended I became.

David Newquist expresses the reaction I had on picking up the paper this morning and then catching up the whining, dismay and concern in the SD blogosphere (where the number of posts indicates […]

Tim Johnson and the media

My senior U.S. Senator is taken to a hospital from the Capitol building. He remains there in critical condition following late night surgery for a congenital problem late night surgery for a congenital condition that caused bleeding in his brain. What does it mean? An opportunity for the media vultures to feast.

The news of […]

Thumbs down

A big thumbs down on the votes cast by Stephanie Herseth and Tim Johnson this week on the renewal of the so-called Patriot Act. Herseth voted Wednesday to reauthorize and extend various controversial provisions. Johnson was one of two Democrats to vote today to end a filibuster on the measure in the U.S. Senate. Not […]

Taking a stand

Compliments to Sen. Tim Johnson for voting against Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General. Of course, Sen. John “Independent Voice” Thune voted in favor of Gonzales. Yes, it sends a wonderful message when the nation’s new chief law enforcement officer helped create the concept of “enemy combatants” with no due process rights, said we could ignore […]