Herseth-Sandlin, spying and civil liberties

A brief deviation into the political because it reflects some of the societal and legal ramifications of post-9/11 thought in America.

I’ll admit I’m a bit behind on this, simply noting the vote when it occurred. But Sam Hurst, a RCJ citizen columnist , prompted me with his thoughts on U.S. Rep. Herseth-Sandlin’s vote on […]

But will it change the Herseth searches?

This post initially started as a result of my review of search terms for the recent installment of search follies. But the public announcement that Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth is engaged makes it more timely.

I’ve always been suprised by how many people come here via Herseth web searches. As you’ll see, virtually all deal with […]

Herseth changing position or riding the political winds?

Why do I so often have to chortle at things Rep. Stephanie Herseth says? Today’s local daily gives another prime example.

According to the daily: “In both Iraq and in Lebanon, Congress has abdicated its oversight responsibility and has not forced President Bush to account for policies or a lack of policy, Herseth said. An […]

A Herseth laugher?

Here’s something that’s bothered me from the moment I read it. I was willing to let it slide until two votes this week.

Stephanie Herseth told the state Democratic Convention last month, “Not a week goes by where I don’t wonder what it would be like to be in the majority party.” If you look […]

Thumbs down

A big thumbs down on the votes cast by Stephanie Herseth and Tim Johnson this week on the renewal of the so-called Patriot Act. Herseth voted Wednesday to reauthorize and extend various controversial provisions. Johnson was one of two Democrats to vote today to end a filibuster on the measure in the U.S. Senate. Not […]