Herseth changing position or riding the political winds?

Why do I so often have to chortle at things Rep. Stephanie Herseth says? Today’s local daily gives another prime example.

According to the daily: “In both Iraq and in Lebanon, Congress has abdicated its oversight responsibility and has not forced President Bush to account for policies or a lack of policy, Herseth said. An accumulation of administration mistakes that Congress allowed to go unchallenged have closed off options to resolving conflicts in those places now, she said.”

Seems Herseth forgets she is among those who did not challenge the Bush policies. In fact, it was just eight weeks ago that she was one of only 42 Democrats voting for a Republican resolution backing the Bush Administration’s Iraq policies. This is nothing new. A year earlier she supported another resolution backing the Bush Administration line on Iraq. And, in May 2004, the local daily’s editorial board asked, “Knowing what we know now, would you support the Iraq war?” Herseth’s response? “Yes, I still would have supported taking this action.”

Hopefully, we can take Herseth’s comments, if accurately reported, as showing a change of position on Iraq rather than merely following the political winds. And it is rather interesting that an incumbent lambasts Congress for something for which she is in part responsible.

It’s okay. I’m a leaf on the wind!

“Hoban ‘Wash’ Washburn” (Alan Tudyk), Serenity

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