But will it change the Herseth searches?

This post initially started as a result of my review of search terms for the recent installment of search follies. But the public announcement that Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth is engaged makes it more timely.

I’ve always been suprised by how many people come here via Herseth web searches. As you’ll see, virtually all deal with her sexual orientation, marital status or something else related to sexuality. Granted, Rep. Herseth is a young, attractive woman. But it’s almost frightening that interest in her seems more motivated by an obsession with sex and sexual orientation than what she is doing as a member of Congress or as a role model for young women.

Here’s the Herseth web searches (including misspellings) that, in descending order of frequency, brought people to this blog recently:

  • stephanie herseth hottie
  • “stephanie herseth” lesbian
  • “stephanie herseth” gay
  • stephanie herseth nude
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  • stephanie herseth sexual history
  • stephanie herseth patriot act
  • stephanie herseth married
  • stephanie herseth lesbain
  • stephanie herseth husband
  • stephanie herseth gay
  • stephanie herseth boyfriend
  • is stephanie herseth a lesbian
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  • does stephanie herseth of south dakota have a boyfriend
  • “stephanie herseth” nude
  • “stephanie herseth” married

I’m not sure whether that says more about how the internet is used or the level of political interest in this country. Either way, it’s a fairly sad commentary. In any event, congratulations to Rep. Herseth. A hat tip should also probably go out to PP for beating the “real media” on the story and from the other side of the political aisle.

That our popular art forms have become so obsessed with sex has turned the U.S.A into a nation of hobble-de-hoys; as if grown people don’t have more vital concerns, such as taxes, inflation, dirty politics, earning a living, getting an education, or keeping out of jail.

Anita Loos, Fate Keeps on Happening

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