A Herseth laugher?

Here’s something that’s bothered me from the moment I read it. I was willing to let it slide until two votes this week.

Stephanie Herseth told the state Democratic Convention last month, “Not a week goes by where I don’t wonder what it would be like to be in the majority party.” If you look at her voting record, you gotta wonder if she isn’t in that party already.

Since June 1 alone she has:

Part of me attributes these votes to this being an election year but that ignores the fact that on each and every one of them more than 150 House Democrats — most of whom also face reelection — had the courage of conviction.

UPDATE: The new issue of The Progressive has a Troubletown strip that perfectly summarizes Congress.

The problem with legislators is they only have a vision to the next election.

Jesse Ventura, Feb. 28, 2002

1 comment to A Herseth laugher?

  • Tim,

    Were any of the Herseth votes that you cite decisive? Were any of those votes even close? Did any of those measures pass when they would have failed but for Ms. Herseth’s vote?

    I’m not trying to be snarky, I legitimately don’t know the answer to those questions — and I think those answers are important for evalutating the significance of her votes.

    Although I disagree with each of the votes you cite, I doubt that South Dakota will ever be represented by anyone who would not vote exactly as Ms. Herseth did on each of those measures.