Sexism and the SD blogosphere

Not a hat tip, but a full bow to Cory at Madville Times for speaking up and saying what many of us progressive/liberal/any stripe bloggers thought: what in the hell is it with “Today’s Babe” at Todd Epp’s blog? I know that, at least historically, Buddhism has been viewed as sexist but I wasn’t aware […]

Welcome to the world of important things, Bob

Bob Schwartz, the South Dakota blogger formerly known as South Dakota Moderate and who then moved his blog to Politics and Hypocrisy, has made a new move. It’s a move I congratulate him on as it means he may have joined my camp (to the extent we disgusted and disaffected have a camp).

Here’s what […]

DNC: Who needs a true South Dakota blogger?

So the Democratic National Committee has announced the bloggers from each state who will get floor credentials to cover this summer’s Democratic National Convention. And the pick from South Dakota: Badlands Blue.

Guess that shows what the DNC thinks of South Dakota bloggers or South Dakota. As noted a while ago, Badlands Blue was actually […]

PP! I never knew!!!

Shocked, just shocked! Appalled, absolutely appalled!

Somewhat behind on my web reading, I have just learned that my GOP friend PP of the South Dakota War College is part of a cabal planning to take over the world. After all, good and certainly unquestionable authority says PP is — gasp — a “Zionist operative.”

Now […]

Blogger banquet

A public thank you to the wonderful hosts for the small “blogger banquet” I attended Wednesday night. I got to meet a couple bloggers I did not know personally and the wide-ranging conversation and laughter were only rivalled in quality by the excellent food.

I thought this an appropriate way to express my thanks and […]