DNC: Who needs a true South Dakota blogger?

So the Democratic National Committee has announced the bloggers from each state who will get floor credentials to cover this summer’s Democratic National Convention. And the pick from South Dakota: Badlands Blue.

Guess that shows what the DNC thinks of South Dakota bloggers or South Dakota. As noted a while ago, Badlands Blue was actually operated by a Democratic Party operative out of Virginia. I haven’t been back to the blog since removing it from my blogroll a couple months ago. But I’m guessing it’s still financed and authorized by the state Democratic Party.

Maybe there weren’t any other applicants to be South Dakota’s convention blogger (I sure as hell didn’t apply). Personally, I would rather South Dakota have no blog representation. But evidently the Democratic Party would rather take a mouthpiece blog than someone with party affiliation who might actually dare to express independent thought. A nice way to uphold the party’s professed — but all too seldom practiced — principles.

Just more reinforcement for my disdain and hatred of political parties and politics as currently practiced in the U.S.

Voting only encourages the bastards.

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  • Hmmm? Very strange.

    Maybe only “SD bloggers” from the east coast can afford to spend time in Denver for the convention or perhaps nobody that is actually independent would want to apply and be tainted with an “official blog approved by the King or Queen Of Democrats, In the Year of Our Lord ..” but, guess that sort of stuff is for cans full of sardines or Danish Christmas cookies.

  • Tim:

    I (SD Watch) applied. I am not particularly surprised by the selection. It’s politics. I still have a shot, I suppose, at being in the general blogger pool.

    Life goes on. I think A Progressive on the Prairie at the Pepsi Center at the Convention would be a gas!

    SD Watch

  • I guess tha party wants the appearance of blog-“with it”-ness but the assurance it can control the message and image coming from the DNC Blogs and image control — rather an odd fit!

    By the way, I’ve heard the official blog is more an arm of the Johnson campaign than anything the state party has control over. But then I’m known for hearing things. I wonder if anyone could track down some receipts….

  • FYI, there are a couple of things wrong with what you wrote.

    1. Badlands Blue is run by the South Dakota Democratic Party. Also, Badlands Blue is a group blog, run by a number of people associated with the SD Dem. Party.

    2. The blogger selected to attend the DNCC is Tyler Smith, who lives in South Dakota, not me.

  • Tim

    “Badlands Blue is run by the South Dakota Democratic Party”

    Seems to prove one of my main points: Selecting Badlands Blue as the “South Dakota blog” with floor credentials seems somewhat akin to giving a rural People’s Daily bureau floor credentials for a national CCP meeting in Beijing.

  • Tyler

    Hey guys. I really could care less if you are pissed that I got the selection. I love it I get to go and report on the issues that are affecting South Dakota. Just FYI born and raised here (4th Generation) lived on both sides of the state.

    If you didn’t even bother to apply then why do you care who got the credentials?

    Just because we are a piece of the SDDP doesn’t mean we don’t represent progressive values, and don’t have independent thought. My goal is to give SD Democrats a place where they can express their opinions and help get Democrats elected. Sounds like you would rather sit on the sidelines, instead of actually getting in the game. Typical.

    I think you should give the blog another shot. Without you guys coming on saying what you think it can’t live up to its full potential.

  • Virginia Lowell!

    Welcome to SD! And Denver! Congratulations. Give my regards to Mr. Jarding.

    I guess two people does a group make.

    I’m just sayin’.

    BTW, please show me a post where you were even remotely critical of any Democrat?

    I think Tyler does a great job getting around to SD Democratic events and reporting on them. Seriously I do. But you guys aren’t independent. That’s not a criticism, just a fact.

    Again, I’m just saying.

    If I’m not at the convention in Denver, up in the far reaches of the Pepsi Center with my binoculars looking down upon you and Tyler schmoozing Sen. Daschle while I’m in with the riffraff of the general blogger pool, I’ll be reading BB from the comfort of my home in Harrisburg. And sipping a Pepsi.

    And Lowell, for your edification, Harrisburg is a small town just south of Sioux Falls. There a lot of places in Virginia that I don’t know where they are either. Tyler could probably find Harrisburg on a SD map without being spotted. Like Lychburg. I doubt I could tell you what part of the Commonwealth it is in.

    And Tim, I thought the comparison of The Boys to the CCP and the Xian bureau of People’s Daily was a bit harsh. Maybe the Young Pioneers. I can picture Young Tyler and Virginia Lowell wearing their very stylish red kerchiefs around their necks and their Mao hats. They would cut a “revolutionary” sartorial jib.

    Again, I’m just sayin’. Enjoy Denver. Take in a Broncos exhibition game for me if you can, Boys.

    Best regards,

    SD Watch
    Locally owned and edited since 2005

  • Congratulations, Tyler!

    I applied too, but after the deadline.

    However, I wouldn’t worry about the progressive voices in the Democratic tent not being heard this year. Great stuff is happening.

    Lowell is doing a great job running the blog… but it’s a nicely run website and I encourage everyone to contribute posts. It needs more good local content and although Tyler’s coverage has been great (especially the videos!!) it needs more local opinion so Lowell can back off and run the technical stuff. I’ve found that anything I post worth promoting has made it to the front page, without any prodding our guidance to follow any party line.

    Lighten up guys!