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As a lifetime South Dakotan, I know winter doesn’t end until sometime in April. Still, I am so effin’ tired of cold weather that my snarkiness is increasing (plus I think my winter long luck avoiding colds, etc., has run its course). Thus, anything going on here is tinkering, including the following blogroll changes:

  • I was disappointed to see that Badlands Blue is operated by someone out of Virginia. While the blog discloses it is “Paid for and authorized by the South Dakota Democratic Party,” the fact it is not written from South Dakota by a South Dakotan moves it from “Blogs of SD” to “Political Blogs.” [It has now been removed entirely.]
  • Confessions of an Atheist has moved to “invited” readers only. I presume it’s because of the kindness most Xians display for atheists (certainly not WWJD) so it may soon leave the blogroll. [Since this was first posted, Andre has placed the blog on hiatus.]
  • Newly added to “Blogs of SD” category: School of Thought, a new blog by a school board member in my hometown; the newly resurrected South Dakota 123; and, the new blog of the South Dakota State Historical Society Press.
  • Sobby Online has been removed from the blogroll because it is soon to go dark. (The last post expresses what I’ve thought for several years.)

Since I’m snarky and dealing with blogs anyway, two rhetorical questions arise about the new Argus blogs. Is it Beck’s aversion to blogs that causes him to make his so unreadable or simply that he hasn’t learned how to create new paragraphs? Why is it that the Argus blogs still evidently can’t be viewed in Firefox?

Often in winter the end of the day is like the final metaphor in a poem celebrating death: there is no way out.

Agustin Gomez-Arcos, Bird Burned Alive

2 comments to Blogroll changes

  • Gomer Beck’s blogging is unedited? that might explain his inability to create new paragraphs. but yah, probably his blog-hatred likely plays a significant role.

    for the other, Gannett probably doesn’t officially acknowledge that FireFox exists, therefore, Argus website personnel don’t recognize it as a problem. Not to mention that the huddled masses of the Argus subscribership quite obviously are more than willing to take whatever is fed to them, so if they even have computers, they probably just use IE.

  • Hehe – my blog had to be temporarily shut down for various reasons – most of them political. I’ll be back in mid-March.