PP! I never knew!!!

Shocked, just shocked! Appalled, absolutely appalled!

Somewhat behind on my web reading, I have just learned that my GOP friend PP of the South Dakota War College is part of a cabal planning to take over the world. After all, good and certainly unquestionable authority says PP is — gasp — a “Zionist operative.”

Now I’ll admit that even when we were joint blogging I was dismayed by the fact PP is a hardcore Republican and by some stretch of the imagination might be called “a SD GOP operative,” as the individual accusing him of being Zionist also calls him. But at the same time, PP and some other GOP friends and acquaintances are proof of the fact that not all Republicans are spawns of Darth Vader, regardless of how much we may disagree — often vehemently — on certain issues.

I also have to admit an insufficient education in New World Order jargon to know exactly what a Zionist operative is or the dangers one poses to our values and lives. I presume, though, that as such an operative PP is part of the Jewish banker cabal working with the Trilateral Commission, Halliburton and other entities as the U.S. shadow government responsible for 9/11 and engaged in a global conspiracy of world domination and a one world government. That has, of course, been obvious to everyone since the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Suffice it to say that as PP unveils his new blog look, his comments on former JAILer-in-Chief Billy S.’s new political activities is once again bringing out the, shall we say, rather interesting views of Bill’s crowd. I just hope there’s no truth to the rumor that the reason PP quit his Pierre job and commuting from Brookings was because his black helicopter crashed while surveying sites for a patriot concentration camp.

We are all sufferers from history, but the paranoid is a double sufferer, since he is afflicted not only by the real world, with the rest of us, but by his fantasies as well.

Richard Hofstader, The Paranoid Style in American Politics

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