Doing the LibraryThing

As I spent the last several days hibernating trying to shake a cold that’s plagued me for going on two weeks, I also got around to compiling most of my LibraryThing library. Although the effort was sped up a bit by CueCat, I still have to wonder about the time put in to the project.

While I know I’ve got several strays floating around, my guesstimate of having about 1,000 books currently in my library was about as close as you could come. The total came to 999 books consisting of 987 distinct works with an average publication date of 1991. And while I didn’t go to the effort of tagging the books by subject, my author cloud is kind of fun. I’m not surprised to see Kurt Vonnegut and Philip K. Dick as the most significant authors (the latter due to a period a couple years ago when I went on a binge of reading tons of Dick ‘s work) but a few of the others were somewhat unsuspected (Norman Cantor and Barbara Tuchman, for example).

Two new additions to the library also kept me occupied. Both consist exclusively of foreign authors, about which more in a day or so.

[A]s beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the ideal library is in the wish of its maker.

Carolyn Wells, The Rest of My Life

2 comments to Doing the LibraryThing

  • Wow! I had no idea the CueCat was still around. I figured it had a nice retirement on the “you know you’re a child of the internet boom if you know what a cuecat is” list.

    I got my CueCat becuase Wired Magazine sent one to every subscriber. I think their barcode ads lasted three issues.

    It’s nice to know someone somewhere is getting use out of it.

  • Great blog!

    I’m glad I came across it (through LibraryThing).