Thune good and bad

The bad: You have to wonder about a candidate claiming he would be an independent voice for South Dakota becoming a deputy whip, a role designed to advance the Repugnican agenda. And it is laughable that the Thune press release refers to “pass[ing] a fiscally responsible budget” when it is issued the same day the […]

Examining the paid blogger defense

Other things have had me distracted for a while but posts on Daily Caucus and more recently on Thune v South Dakota finally clicked with some earlier fact-checking I did.

In defending the fact they did not disclose on their blogs that they were paid by the Thune campaign, two Daschle-bashing bloggers (and some of […]

Thune v Thune

“I believe in letting science make those decisions and not emotion.”

— John Thune, Dec. 21, 2004, on making enviromental decisions upon his appointment to the Senate Environment-Public Works Committee.

An evangelical Christian, [Thune] does not believe in evolution.

— Newsweek, July 26, 2004

Who owns that blog?

Ben Hanten at Daily Caucus caught something that slipped by me during my absence from blogging. Seems two of the leading Daschle-bashing, pro-Thune blogs were run by people paid by Thune.

Jon Lauck labeled his “Daschle v. Thune” blog as one “Analyzing the Biggest Senate Race in the USA.” Seems Jon neglected to tell anyone […]

Daschle-Thune debate

Why nothing here on the big debate Sunday? Because my thought is that if you remain undecided, you’re not paying attention anyway and if you have been paying attention the debate ain’t gonna change your mind. So, I will limit it to just a couple comments.

First and foremost, I found Thune’s comments that Daschle’s […]