Thune good and bad

The bad: You have to wonder about a candidate claiming he would be an independent voice for South Dakota becoming a deputy whip, a role designed to advance the Repugnican agenda. And it is laughable that the Thune press release refers to “pass[ing] a fiscally responsible budget” when it is issued the same day the White House admitted the budget deficit is heading for a new record.

The good: As much as I disagree with the guy on so many many things, I will give Thune credit for co-sponsoring legislation allowing the reimportation of prescription drugs and moving up the date of mandatory country of origin labeling. Part of what leads me to point this out is the fact that during his days as a lobbyist, Thune was reported to have worked for outfits representing the pharmaceutical companies and opposing COOL. I will also admit it undercuts my independent voice comment above. His term is young, though.

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