Daschle-Thune debate

Why nothing here on the big debate Sunday? Because my thought is that if you remain undecided, you’re not paying attention anyway and if you have been paying attention the debate ain’t gonna change your mind. So, I will limit it to just a couple comments.

First and foremost, I found Thune’s comments that Daschle’s criticism of Bush “emboldens our enemies” despicable. Evidently, Thune joins other Repugnicans who seem to believe that anyone who criticizes the Liar-in-Chief is a traitor. Hey, John, you know what? We were right!

Second, if there is any question Thune is willing to blindly follow the footsteps of the Great Misleader, let’s look at a couple things he said in the debate compared to reality.


This is a time to show resolve [in Iraq] and the international community is responding.

I mean, there is more support building, I believe, for what’s happening there.

The Observer:

The British Army is to start pulling troops out of Iraq next month despite the deteriorating security situation in much of the country, The Observer has learnt.

The main British combat force in Iraq, about 5,000-strong, will be reduced by around a third by the end of October during a routine rotation of units.

Thune (emphasis added):

[W]e now know that [Saddam] still has the intention [of developing nuclear weapons], he still has the capability as has been determined I think since that time. He doesn’t have the stockpiles, or at least, we haven’t found them yet….

I think that [Saddam] was a threat, not only to that region, but to the broader world and the United States. You know, clearly, with biological and chemical weapons, but I also think the nuclear threat existed.

The Guardian:

A draft of the [U.S. government’s] Iraq Survey Group’s final report circulating in Washington found no sign of the alleged illegal stockpiles that the US and Britain presented as the justification for going to war, nor did it find any evidence of efforts to reconstitute Iraq’s nuclear weapons programme.

If you think the debate may affect your thinking or interest you in some fashion but, like me, did not watch it, here’s a transcript. It also appears the debate will be rebroadcast today (Monday) on CNBC at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. Central. As for me, I’ll be tuned to MNF.

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  • I thought that the key moment in the debate was when Daschel revealed that “if South Dakota were a country, we’d be the seventh largest coalition partner today.”

    South Dakota should never be the 7th largest anything.