Why Kerry is in trouble

The Argus Leader/KELO poll on the presidential race isn’t too shocking. But it contained one item Democrats should find particularly disconcerting.

According to the specifics in today’s Argus, when asked about Bush’s “handling of homeland security and the war on terrorism,” 41 percent of Democrats polled approved, 40 percent disapproved and 19 percent were “not sure.”

Granted, the difference is well within the poll’s margin of error. Still, it certainly does not bode well when Democrats are, at best, evenly split on a main theme of the Bush campaign. It also indicates a significant number of South Dakota Democrats have not grasped the concept of Accountablity.

1 comment to Why Kerry is in trouble

  • Well, if Kerry or Edwards would show up in South Dakota, there might be a bit of a change. And, If Daschle and Johnson and Herseth hammered Bush for every stupid thing the Texas Twit says and does, there might be a few more South Dakotans who realize the emperor has no clothes. There might even be a few more Democrats.