ABCs of accountability

Much of the electorate seems unwilling or too brainwashed to hold Bush accountable for what he’s done. And there’s plenty for him to be accountable for. Here’s some ABCs of the situation (with due credit for the concept to BushWars for its inimitable “A Child’s ABCs of Terrorism“):

A – Oh so many to begin […]

Hunter Thompson on Nixon and Bush

Hunter Thompson was long a favorite of mine, particularly his Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72. Although my favorable impressions waned over the years, his writing remains unique.

Hunter was no fan of Richard Nixon. So the fact this excerpt from his Fear and Loothing, Campaign 2004 in the latest Rolling Stone is […]


This morning’s Argus Leader contained a couple quarter page ads praising John Thune for his “home-town South Dakotan values.” The ads were purchased by an organization based on Long Island.

Strange bedfellows

The old adage that politics makes for strange bedfellows appears to be true for the Thune campaign.

Wednesday, Thune’s campaign ran full page ads in the Rapid City Journal and the Argus Leader reprinting a January 2003 article that basically said Tom Daschle didn’t run for president because he couldn’t survive scrutiny of his wife’s […]


Bush has the audacity to invoke FDR, Truman and Kennedy and “the great tradition of the Democratic Party.” I would not be surprised to hear reports of significant earth tremors occurring in Arlington National Cemetery and cemeteries in Independence, Mo., and Hyde Park, NY.