Books: Best and Worst of 2005

Joining the rest of the world, here’s my take on the best (and worst) books of 2005. With one exception (the first), they are listed in alphabetical order. Where I’ve posted longer reviews I’ve got a link to the review here (PP) and/or on Blogcritics (BC). There may or may not be significant differences between […]

Albums of the Year

Listed alphabetically with a review link if a full review was done here or elsewhere:

Devils & Dust, Bruce Springsteen — If you read this blog, you can’t be surprised by this. Unlike others, I find it better than his prior solo acoustic effort, The Ghost of Tom Joad. It likely will be my album […]

Marginalia and notes

Not sure why but there’s some serious year-end malaise going on here, accompanied by an almost total lack of ambition or motivation. Ergo, I am highly ambivalent about most things. Best of year posts are forthcoming but here’s a couple items that caught my eye this week.

Of local interest, Scott Hudson has his year-end […]

Book briefs

The first in an intermittent series of brief reviews of books that, for whatever, reason, didn’t lead to longer reviews:

In the Country of Last Things, Paul Auster

A rather literary examination of the struggle to live and survive in a society that has collapsed. The book takes the form of a letter from Anna […]

Christmas greetings

I cannot think of better Christmas greetings than what Jackson Browne wrote in the song, “The Rebel Jesus”:

We guard our world with locks and guns And we guard our fine possessions And once a year when Christmas comes We give to our relations And perhaps we give a little to the poor If the […]