Travel, work, kids, etc., have all combined to keep me behind on current topics and, hence, also keep things sparse around here. Still, want to get off a couple quickies:

  • The first two abortion bills sailed through the House State Affairs Committee on unanimous 13-0 votes. One (HB 1166) would expand physician disclosures with some fairly drastic legislative findings and the other (HB 1233) would create a task force to study abortion. Naturally, the action comes the day after the Senate Commerce Committee voted unanimously to table a bill that would have required health insurance coverage for contraceptives. I agree with Kate Looby that the latter bill was “the most important anti-abortion bill this year.”
  • Whether they’re right-wing, liberal or neither, you can find a feed of South Dakota blogs at South Dakota 123, started by Ben Hanten.
  • Maybe it’s his “independent” mind at work, but John Thune’s office seems conspicuously silent about the Bush budget. Kinda tough on the junior Senator when the great misleader hacks at programs (agriculture and South Dakota water projects, to name just two) that Thune pushed heavily during the campaign.

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