Kate Looby

I was going to post something about how the abortion bills, even the extreme ones, are sailing through the South Dakota Legislature. Instead, I decided to focus on what’s passed through my mind with virtually every picture I see associated with that legislation.

I do not know and have never met Kate Looby, the state director for Planned Parenthood of Minnesota/North Dakota/South Dakota. I do know, though, that I have gained the utmost admiration for her.

I don’t think any of us can really grasp how difficult it must be to spend days in Pierre fighting what must seem to be a never-ending uphill battle. To add icing to the cake, your position as a lobbyist and spokesperson makes you the face of an organization that is attacked with frequency and rancor. It is easy to stand up and advocate positions in front of a receptive audience (and you can even smirk about it like Rob Regier seemed to be doing in the photo in this morning’s Argus). It takes real fortitude to stand up for your ideals and publicly advance an unpopular position day in and day out.

So, when it comes to a list of heroes, Kate Looby is near the top of mine.

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  • Anonymous

    Kate truly deserves your admiration. I do know her and I can tell you that on top of everything she does, she’s a kind and intelligent person, too.

  • I’ll join in your public admiration of Kate. There is no one in the state who has a harder job or does it better. We missed her yesterday at the NARAL ProChocolate Fundraiser in Sioux Falls. Kate usually gives us an update and explains what’s going on at the state legislature from our “side of the looking-glass.” Still it was good to be in a room in South Dakota full of pro-choice friends, Democrats, Indpendents and a couple of Republicans. Hopefully I will get the time to post more about the event on my own site

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for people like Kate, many years ago I had to make the choice between abortion or not. I did choose not, but that was my decision to make. I had DR. Buck Williams name and address in my hand, I had the facts and made my choice. Today I am grateful for the choice that I made, but that is not the point — I made that choice, not the lawmakers of South Dakota. Thak you Kate!

  • Anonymous

    I too will join the band-wagon and say that I too admire Kate. How else could we condone killing our kids? It’s a win-win for all! Thanks for being there for us Kate, it is really appreciated. A tip of my executioners hat to ya’.
    Now then, have a nice day as you would like the children to have.
    Gregg in murderous Spokane Washington

  • Anonymous

    I would be careful who you blindly throw your support and admiration to.
    Some due diligence is in order here.
    It will all come out in the wash as it always does.

  • paul caron

    I do not know Kate personally, and I am sure she cares about the people who walk into her office and wants to help them. However, saying that there is a legitimate need for abortions is vile. That puts serious questions on her morals, ethics, and integrity. People who are not wanted by other people are murdered, killed, and that person goes to jail for a crime. How is that any different than killing an unborn, unwanted baby? Inside or outside the womb, it is still an individual. Please don’t try to tell me that the majority of abortions are for life or death reasons.