South Dakota (Conservative) Public Broadcasting

I’m generally a pretty big fan of South Dakota Public Broadcasting. I think Statehouse has done more to bring the workings of the state legislature to the general public than anything. Still, there are times when you gotta wonder.

Recently, SDPB announced it would not air an episode of Postcards from Buster, in which the title character (evidently a rabbit) happened to meet two lesbian couples on a trip to Vermont. This morning, as I was glancing at the television listings, I noticed that rather than showing an American Experience, documentary on sexuality researcher Alfred Kinsey at the regular time, SDPB is showing a rerun of a 2003 piece on the Grand Canyon at 9 p.m. Central and pushing the Kinsey show back to 11 p.m. Central. Pioneer Public Television out of Minnesota is, however, airing the Kinsey program at 8 p.m.

I can maybe understand the decision on “Buster” given the fact it airs during a time parents may not be around to supervise or change the dial. But with Kinsey we’re talking about that wasn’t running in “family hour” anyway. I don’t know if it’s the subject matter that’s pushing the show later but, if so, I don’t need or want SDPB serving as my television censor. And it especially shouldn’t be acting as censor just to avoid a few e-mails or phone calls.

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  • SD Pub TV often preceeds science shows that cover anything but church organ design with a disclaimer warning viewers they may be offended.

    I can’t remember if they warned about the dangers of watching programs on medieval philosophers who did not find the earth to be the center of the universe.

    I am still curious about why they are transferring ownership from one Board to another in an application to the FCC. I don’t think about half of South Dakota will be happy if this is a way to move bandwidth from the citizens to Clear Channel or some other wingnut-loon media system.

    The press release from SD Pub Broadcasting was filled with double talk blather that was meaningless in the context of blanking out a program or two.

    One good thing about their censorship, it will probably mean the SD kid’s at the state music events will get more TV face time.