A proselytizing paper

For quite a while now, I’ve been meaning to write about how dismayed I am by what passes for a local newspaper these days. Given my age, a variety of things irk me. But one that had been lurking in the background became fairly apparent last week. What I noticed and believe would be borne […]

Local newspaper censorship of Doonesbury is hypocritical

Open today’s Argus Leader and you’ll see a couple editorials on the “public’s right to know” in the local section. Go to the next section, though, and something is missing — today’s scheduled Doonesbury comic strip. Instead, the Argus ran an old strip. Where I come from — which is the same place as much […]

Who you gonna believe? Survey says: Not the news media

We hear a lot lately about the struggles of traditional news media in the Internet age. But it seems a lot of people believe the damage may be self-inflicted.

A new study by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press indicates the fewest number of people in more than two decades believe […]

Reflections on being (somewhat) in the news

For a number of weeks, I’ve been observing the coverage of a news story in which I was somewhat involved. While I’m proud of the years I spent as a journalist, my view of the profession — already damaged when I left it — wasn’t bolstered by what I saw.

I don’t think I’m breaking […]

Two South Dakota eras come to an end

This weekend marked the end of two eras in South Dakota, one in the press and one in music.

Although public knowledge for a while, Terry Woster officially said good bye Sunday with a front page column in the local daily. After 40 years in the news business, Terry took an early retirement package as […]