Book Review: Foop! (2005)

Aliens, robots, other planets, time travel, dystopias. All these archetypes of science fiction make their appearance in one fashion or another in Foop!, a first novel by Chris Genoa.

Foop! is a comedic and at times scatological look at where the Earth may be headed and why. Its hero is Joe, who, as the name implies, is just an average guy. Joe is a tour guide for the world’s first time travel tourism company. He is assigned the task of discovering why persons unknown seem to be abusing past versions of his boss. Along the way Joe has to cope with an evil-looking pair he is convinced are out to cause him harm and encounters with the adherents of a new religion that seems to be sweeping the country. Even more problematic are the seemingly increasing glitches in the space-time continuum.

Foop! is satirical social commentary on a wide range of issues and everyman Joe is a perfectly likeable guide on this surreal tour. Even if the book doesn’t entirely succeed, it is at least a relatively pleasurable trip.

If only we could see all the possible paths in front of us and choose which one we want to take instead of merely stumbling down the first one that comes our way. But we can’t.

Chris Genoa, Foop!

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