Muzzle awards

The Boston Phoenix has handed out its 8th annual Muzzle Awards. The FBI topped the list of recipients for the awards, which go to “those who have done the most to suppress free speech and personal liberties in New England during the previous year.” (Via Blog of a Bookslut).

This year, the main threat to […]

JAIL escapes from the asylum

Via the observant eye of SD War College comes word of an effort to JAIL the South Dakota judiciary. JAIL is the acronym of the Judicial Accountability Initiative Law, for which a petition (PDF format) is being ciruclated to place on the 2006 election ballot. All I can say is it looks a lot like […]

Blogroll and site additions

I’ve added a few items recently to the blogroll/web site list at right and have failed to otherwise mention that fact. Here’s what’s been added and why:

BOJ News Service – Blind Orange Julius is a frequent commenter at Mount Blogmore and has a worthy news photo blog, so to speak, dealing with SD political […]

Legal, local and political footnotes

I am not going to weigh in or expound on the Ten Commandments decisions at this point. The best discussion is probably over at SCOTUSblog. On a somewhat related note, here’s one self-help approach if you object to “In God We Trust” on currency. Discussion here lately is that a rec center will move […]

The Times Are A-Changin’

First it was a Victoria’s Secret ad and related custom compilation CD. Now Bob Dylan has signed a deal with Starbucks giving the corporate barista an 18-month exclusive on a CD release of a 1962 NYC performance previously available only on bootlegs.

Guess this lends an entirely new meaning to “One More Cup of Coffee.” […]