Book Review: New Light (2006)

I’ll admit it. My predisposition (okay, bias) was that I wouldn’t like Annette Gilson’s novel, New Light.

First, she is professor of creative writing and “contemporary literature.” It may be unfair, but I tend to think such authors write with more flourish and exposition than necessary, as if demonstrating their “expertise” to their students. Then, […]


Posting will be sporadic in the near future as travel and related matters will leave me with limited or no internet access. Thus, a few parting tidbits:

PC World gives us the 25 Worst Tech Products of All Time. I admit that I have dealt with those ranked 1 (AOL), 2 (Real Player), 4 (Windows […]

Seeing music from different perspectives

Via A Moderate from South Dakota I learn that the National Review Online (sorry, not on my reading list) has compiled a list of the 50 greatest conservative rock songs. Reviewing the list raised my eyebrows. Some of the selections make sense but a couple display the different views different people can take on music.


Book Review: Crazy (2006)

Imagine if the only way you can help a loved one is to lie to the police, say the person threatened your life and hope they are arrested.

That’s a situation an untold number of Americans face every day. As journalist Pete Earley explores in Crazy, America’s jails and prisons are its new mental institutions. […]

Accumulated marginalia 2

Various links and marginalia accumulated over the last week or so:

It took Chad at Clean Cut Kid to bring to my attention that today is Bob Dylan’s 65th birthday. I join Chad in saying happy birthday Bob and add wishes for many, many more. My MinusCar friend got a visitor via one of the […]