Bad luck streak in concert scheduling

With apologies to Warren Zevon for the title, today’s local daily confirmed I’m on a bad streak.

First, I learn the Red Willow Band is playing in the Great Hall on September 16. Then, the daily announces Bob Dylan is returning to Sioux Falls Stadium on September 8. All though both are within days of a milestone birthday, I, of course, will not be around either date.

Blame it on a simple twist of fate.

“Simple Twist of Fate,” Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks

2 comments to Bad luck streak in concert scheduling

  • I like Dylan but not for $50 a ticket

  • Anonymous

    Hey thanks for posting about the Red Willow Band, scooping the Argus Leader and giving us out-of-towners time to plan for the trip. It’s only every couple of years that you get the chance, and I don’t want to miss it. (Dylan plays all the time, so you miss him one time, you can see him the next time. Though SD moderate, if you haven’t seen Dylan live, you should go. $50 a ticket isn’t bad for Dylan, and you won’t regret spending the money).