Random weekend grumps

Between trying to get caught up after being gone for several weeks (nearly 700 e-mails at work) and the cold/crud that has been dragging me down for a week now, I remain rather unfocused when it comes to blogs and newspapers. Moreover, even though I’ve managed to get a number of reviews drafted, these factors have combined to make me just a tad grumpy. Thus, a few cranky recent observations:

  • A political note: What he said!
  • I happened to go to a couple local stores with my wife the week of September 18. There was a Christmas tree up in one of the big box stores and a nearby national chain had various Xmas decorations out. Come on people; it’s three months away! Just shoot me now.
  • As the Argus-Leader unveils it’s (dreadful) new format emphasizing local “news,” why is it that it prints the Minnesota high school volleyball poll but still can’t find room for the South Dakota poll?
  • Likewise, why is it that the only question raised in the Argus about the simultaneous closure in one place or another of probably half or more of the main routes from Minnesota Avenue to Kiwanis Avenue (you know, the streets those of us on the west side of town must use to get to and from work) is a one-line comment from a resident to a reporter?
  • In fact, why is it virtually impossible to drive from downtown to the west side of Sioux Falls without meeting a detour when, aside from the 12th Street project, there is no improvement in access.
  • Although excited that local hockey starts next weekend, the week was topped off by discovering the reason I haven’t received my priority application form for Frozen Four tickets for a couple years is that the NCAA moved to an exclusively on-line application process and I didn’t get the letter telling people of that.

“[I]t takes more energy to frown than it does to smile.””Yeah, you know it takes more energy to point that out than it does to leave me alone?”

Bill Hicks, Relentless

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