Out, damned typo

I’m not surprised when I see typos in book galleys or advance readers copies. After all, these come before a book is finally coming off the presses. Over time, though, I have been surprised at the seemingly increasing number of typos in finished books. Now it appears computers may be to blame, at least in […]

Blog etiquette rant

In the scheme of life, the universe and everything, it’s no big deal. But it does kind of piss me off so you’ll have to forgive this rant as I vent a bit.

When I post a bunch of links in Weekend Edition or Friday Follies, I use “Via” to link to whomever led me […]

Stop the plane, I want to get off — then on, then off, then on, then off

Any doubt in my mind that our air transport system is broken beyond repair came in the last 36 hours as I began checking prices for a one-way ticket for my daughter to get to UMass this September. The travel web site I went to offered me 106 different flight options but the results are […]

End of summer rants

With the two college girls gone and the beginning of the work week sparking the annual thought of “another summer shot to hell” echoing in my mind, it’s time to release some built up rants:

Why I hate Christmas rant: It’s Labor Day weekend — so why in the hell did my wife receive a […]

Education funding rant

Neale inquired in the last post why my kids were going to college in Nebraska. I was simply going to respond in the comments but his question combined with something in the local daily to lead me to a rant.

To clarify, my oldest daughter does attend the University of South Dakota and loves it. […]