Cruise Capsule – Part 1

I know, I’ve been back a month and promised to post something on my Panama Canal trip. Well, life happens. So here’s a recap of our adventure.

San Francisco — One of my wife’s favorite cities, we did our usual after arriving — a fresh seafood dinner and Green Apple Books. Clearly, the highlight of […]

Landlocked and booked

My absence the last couple weeks was one abandoning the routines and topography of everyday life. My wife and I went off on an 18-day cruise from San Francisco to New York City through the Panama Canal. As our youngest lives in NYC, we spent a few days there before returning home. And as much […]

Book Review: Running Away to Home by Jennifer Wilson

We all think about running away at times. We imagine leaving the stresses and obligations of daily life and embarking on a life enhancing adventure. It’s doubtful, though, that Croatia tops the list of escapes for most people. Yet Jennifer Wilson, along with her husband and their two young children, left the comforts of home […]

Books, hockey and more

Although my wife and I went to western Massachusetts to visit my youngest daughter at UMass, I think my daughter has her doubts about my purpose for the trip. I’m pretty sure she’s convinced I only went there to watch a college hockey game and find bookstores. In fact, at one point, she commented that […]

Stop the plane, I want to get off — then on, then off, then on, then off

Any doubt in my mind that our air transport system is broken beyond repair came in the last 36 hours as I began checking prices for a one-way ticket for my daughter to get to UMass this September. The travel web site I went to offered me 106 different flight options but the results are […]