In da funk

I don’t know what it is about February. For being the shortest month, it is one of the most effective in putting me in a snarly, short-tempered mood. Part of it this year could be age — or the growing realization of age. My middle daughter turned 18 last weekend. My oldest daughter turns 21 […]

Road rants

Trying to get things cleared up to get away for the state volleyball tournament, dealing with a seemingly endless stream of idiotic problems and being just plain fed up with dealing with road construction leaves me in a ranting mood. While I’m nowhere near as good as Scott H., these things are among the irritants […]

Random weekend grumps

Between trying to get caught up after being gone for several weeks (nearly 700 e-mails at work) and the cold/crud that has been dragging me down for a week now, I remain rather unfocused when it comes to blogs and newspapers. Moreover, even though I’ve managed to get a number of reviews drafted, these factors […]

My podcast rant

A brief discussion today on SD Public Radio‘s Computer Guys call-in show brings this about. That’s because one of the guys on the program voiced exactly what I’ve been thinking.

Everyone is going on and on about “podcasts” and “podcasting.” The fact of the matter is this is nothing more than downloading an mp3 file. […]

School fundraising

Time to rant about something that sets me off about this time every year.

I have two daughters in high school athletics this year. At the fall sports meeting last night, the dreaded “fundraiser” arose like a zombie from hell. In fact, two zombies from hell.

Long story short, I now have two teenage girls […]