Library board is opportunity to give back

Most of the public attention surrounding last night’s City Council meeting was on the ongoing and longstanding debate over an events center. Yet item 29 of 31 on the agenda, a relatively innocuous item, was of more personal interest.

Just more than two hours into the meeting, the Council unanimously approved a resolution “advising and […]

Suffering from pothole perspective

Local news items and letters to the editor over the last few weeks crystallized something for me. Too many of my fellow Sioux Falls residents suffer from pothole perspective. And it’s pernicious.

Every year the prospect of spring is associated with potholes, problems that are perennial and inevitable. Yet while our potholes get patched every […]

Shotgun incident shows life has changed

Although I grew up hunting, I don’t own a gun. In fact, unless you count the .22 rifle and 20-gauge shotgun I used as a teenager that were still in my dad’s gun cabinet when he died, I haven’t owned a gun for at least 30 years. That said, the news that a Washington High […]

Banned books debate goes local

Start the debate.

The Sioux Falls School District has removed a graphic novel from student access at two middle school libraries. The book, Stuck in the Middle: 17 Comics from an Unpleasant Age, now is available only for school staff to check out and use in class. Although I blog frequently about banned books, I […]

Time to be pulling those heads out of the sand

I’ve been hearing the line for months now. The Sioux Falls economy is such that we are relatively immune from the recession or, at worst, there will be limited impact. Whether it was optimism, hope or delusion, the last 24 hours or so demonstrates that head-in-the-sand feeling should be replaced by the consternation expereicned across […]