Only one set of numbers really counts

So Billy S. asks in his inimitable style (you know, calling people a “dick” is the level of his political discourse) what I think of KELO’s poll numbers. At least now, they’re not online but, as I recall from this evening’s news, they were 50 percent “Yes” and 41 percent “No.”

I first heard about the poll at the hockey game tonight so tuned in for the 10 p.m. story. I am surprised but, more accurately, saddened. Who knows which numbers are right or which to believe. So far, they’re all over the board when you consider the BS poll, the No on E reports, the Watertown Public Opinion straw ballot and what KELO reported. Likewise, since I didn’t see the original story, I don’t know what question(s) KELO asked.

It doesn’t really matter. The only numbers that count are the votes cast Tuesday. We already know that if the JAILers win, they’ll trumpet it as a victory for “we the people” when, in fact, they mean anti-government conspiracy theory fanatics who prefer to muck with the Constitution and spew hate rather than honestly and rationally address any problems they perceive.

And isn’t it interesting the Stegmeier’s comments don’t address why the BS committee’s campaign finance report doesn’t provide the information the law requires. But, again, for BS and his types the law simply gets in the way and that’s why they want to destroy it.

The bottom line is that if JAIL passes, the voters will have to live with the ramifications of that decision. By the same token, if it is voted down we’ll have months of BS and crew claiming the vote is just more evidence of the New World Order conspiracy run amok over “dumbed down citizen dupes” who elevate “slave labor” over justice. Either way, South Dakotans will remain a guinea pig for these hate-mongers.

That result is part of the reason I grew to hate politics and political campaigns years ago. When you get right down to it, the voter somehow ends up paying the price. What I know is come next week, Amendment E will either be in the trash can or rank among the worst decisions South Dakotans have ever made. In either event, I’ll have more time to concentrate on things that give meaning to life rather than people and things who prefer to vilify and pollute it.

And maybe I should give BS a bit more credit. After all, at least he didn’t call me “Boy,” like he did some other blogger. While that shows BS could care less that the term has more than a few racist overtones and was discarded by all but fringe extremists some 40 years ago, calling me a dick does demonstrate he has elevated his level of political debate from three-letter words to four-letter words.

UPDATE: The poll figures are now on the KELO site. While I don’t see the actual question asked, I find two aspects of the poll fascinating. It indicated women and Democrats were more likely to support Amendment E than men and Republicans, respectively. Perhaps it reflects my lack of political acumen but I would have thought it would be the opposite.

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