SD blogosphere changes

What with family activities, work and getting the new site ready to go, many of the normal things I’ve been neglectful of deal with recent changes in the SD blogosphere, most involving Todd Epp. The latter two have been duly noted in the blogroll at right:

  • Todd has decided to give more legal focus to SD Watch, what with the elections over and, I presume, legal news kind of comes with the territory when you’re practicing law.
  • Todd has also launched a new blog called High Plains Buddhist. Todd isn’t a Buddhist but says he is going to use the blog to “share some of my journey studying Buddhism and other philosophies.”
  • Finally, Todd and PP have launched a joint blog called Left Dakota Right Dakota South Dakota. They plan to write about the same political topic from their perspectives as a Republican (PP) and a liberal Democrat (Todd). I enjoyed co-blogging with PP at the No on Amendment E blog so not only will this likely be an insightful blog, I know Todd will enjoy blogging with PP.

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